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Congratulations to Aspire Chiropractic on being the on top Chiropractor in St. Paul ranking of 2015.
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                 P: 651-294-2332

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                    Aspire Chiropractic

                    333 Grand Ave Ste 102

                    St. Paul, MN 55102


Dr. Tevlin D.C.

Monday:       9am-1pm & 3pm-5:30pm

Wednesday: 9am-1pm & 3pm-5:30pm

Thursday:     9am-1pm & 3pm-5:30pm

Saturday:     By Appointment

Dr.Christine D.C.

Monday:      9am-1pm & 3pm-6pm

Tuesday:     3pm-7pm

Thursday:    4pm-7pm

Friday:         9am-12pm

Saturday:     By Appointment




Wondering if chiropractic and massage can help you? Schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners to see how we can help you with your health and injury needs.

At our St. Paul chiropractic clinic we see a variety of injuries from acute or overuse injuries as well as work comp, and auto accidents. Our providers are the best at providing quality care and getting our patients in and back to doing what they love in a timely fashion.

To schedule your appointment, call now 651-294-2332

Aspire Chiropractic St. Paul Allergies

Happy Fall From Aspire Chiropractic

We hope everyone is having a great fall. With fall comes allergy season. Check out some of our natural allergy remedy recommendations.

  • Neti Pot Saline Rinse

Use a Neti Pot filled with a sterile saline solution to flush out the sinuses of allergens and irritations.

  • Supplements

Multivitamin, Stinging Nettle (tea or drops), and Quercetin (tablets) to name a few. Making sure your body is getting the proper nutrients as well as taking some allergy relieving supplements can provide great benefits and relief.

  • Keep windows closed during pollen heavy seasons.
  • Clean Air Ducts Yearly
  • Get the Proper Amount of Rest

Adults need anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

  •  Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix 1 tsp organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with water. Drink up to three times per day.

  •   Chiropractic Adjustments!

Many chiropractic patients have a reduction in allergy symptoms when they regularly treat vertebral subluxations.

Start early and get a jump start on allergens before the suffering and runny noses start!

St. Paul Chiropractor Dr. Lindsey Tevlin and Dr. Christine Bartholomew

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