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Red Light Therapy in Woodbury MN can create a significant change in fat cells. Our team at Aspire Integrated Health is here to help you today!

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Red light triggers the formation of small openings or pores in fat cells, which releases fatty acids known as lipids. One study found that just four minutes of exposure to 635nm red light caused 80% of lipids to be released from fat cells, and by six minutes, almost all of the fat had been released.

In addition to the treatments, we will teach you how to eat better, encourage you to drink plenty of water and to go for an easy walk. No heart thumping workouts!

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Red light therapy is a drug-free, non-surgical approach that many people utilize. Many patients are seeing great results, even those who have "tried everything" before.

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Light therapy uses a process called photobiomodulation. This means we're using very specific wavelengths of light to make small changes to the cells. Light therapy has been around for a very long time. Watching sunrises and sunsets provides a small dose of red light that has been shown to be good for our health because it is low in UVA/B, but contains the proper wavelengths to promote a good daily rhythm.

The sun provides a full spectrum of light - which is a mixture of all wavelengths - making it appear white. Research has shown that certain wavelengths work on cells differently. Mixing/Blending visible wavelengths does not have the same effect. By using specific wavelengths (colors) for extended periods of time, we can accomplish different results.

Dahlia does not recommend treatment sessions longer than 20 minutes. We have tested a number of treatment times and the ideal time is between 15 and 20 minutes. Most light therapy research has been focused on 25 to 60 minutes. The cells require time to react to the treatment session. Rushing sessions will reduce effectiveness and extending will not improve results.

If you've ever had a sunburn you know you can get too much light. Light is measured in Joules/cm2. Most studies have used about 15 J/cm2 for 25-30 minutes at a distance. Increasing the joules to reduce the time does not achieve the same result because the cells require time to react. You can't rush the process. Historically, treatment sessions were for 60 minutes with an oil lamp at 6 feet of distance. That's not a lot of intensity.

There are companies claiming very high light intensities, which they accomplish by running LEDs at full power for 7 to 30 minutes. Not only are these devices not following peer reviewed research, they are putting clients at risk of damaging cells with overdosing on a specific wavelength. Dahlia systems run LEDs at much lower intensity to protect patients and align with research. Our SmartPads™ also monitor themselves and adjust to a lower intensity, if required. Importantly, however, Dahlia pads accomplish a lower intensity while avoiding flickering, keeping the wavelengths stable and steady.

Light therapy takes time. While some patients may see significant impact immediately, others may require more treatments. This is due to the difference in the types of fat their body is storing. Ex: Visceral fat requires more treatments due to its composition. We also recommend being consistent in how you measure before and after treatments. Measure at least 9 before and 9 after locations. One of our Pro's has filmed his measuring technique which we highly recommend.

Dahlia does not recommend more than 3 professional treatments per week due to the extra strain on the liver. Please recommend a liver support supplement (including drinking extra water) to your clients.

Light therapy is a non-invasive process with no known side effects, However, Research has been performed on 18 and older patients. Dahlia does not have any research on the impact of treatments on the under 18 population. Treating patients under the age of consent should be done only with parental consent and under special care.

There are no restrictions on activity after a treatment session, but Dahlia does recommend some activity immediately after each treatment. A focus on lymphatic drainage is best. This can be 10 minutes on a vibration plate or a 10-15 minute walk. Higher intensity workouts are also acceptable.

Pacemakers can be impacted by electromagnetic interference or very intense light (lasers systems). Dahlia light pads emit very low levels of electromagnetic interference (comparable to typical environments and mobile phones) and low level light.

We do not recommend light treatment for those who are breastfeeding. Light therapy breaks down cells that hold toxins and pushes those into the interstitial fluid. The release of toxins could enter the bloodstream and could be transferred to breast milk.

We do not recommend light treatment for those with injected toxins. Light therapy breaks down cells and we believe that injectables could be broken down in a similar manner, releasing toxins into the body that are otherwise localized.

There are no known concerns with artificial joints, but we recommend watching patients during their first session for comfort, as some of our wavelengths warm the body, with metal objects retaining heat for a longer period of time.

Light therapy has no known contraindications. However, Dahlia does not recommend treatments for patients that have sensitivity to light, are taking medications that may increase sensitivity to light, or have any active skin or other cancers.

Dahlia systems are IEC60601 Medical Grade. For a complete review on these two topics and why the difference is important, watch our Be Enlightened™ series on our website.

We have prepared a Daily Use and Care video for all owners and staff members. We highly recommend using this video for training all staff members.

We provide a document with links to over 100 peer reviewed articles. Access to this document is provided to customers only.


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