Acupuncture Speeds Stroke and Concussion Recovery in Woodbury MN

Acupuncture Speeds Stroke and Concussion Recovery in Woodbury MN

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Acupuncture Speeds Stroke Recovery

Acupuncture treatment in Woodbury MN of concussion and stroke is one of that areas in which you hear frequent "miracle" stories.  YouTube is full of videos showing patients recovering motion in paralyzed areas after acupuncture treatment.  A Ram Das biographic documentary shows a segment in which the post-stroke unable-to-walk Ram Das is able to walk across the room with a bunch of acupuncture needles sticking out of his scalp.  The United States military has begun using "battlefield acupuncture" for treatment of concussions (the most common modern battlefield injury), and Houston quarterback Brian Hoyer credits acupuncture with getting him back in the game more quickly after suffering two concussions in a month.

My own experiences in Woodbury MN

My own experiences treating stroke and concussion patients are a little less dramatic.  I've seen significant decrease in headaches and areas of numbness, and increases in memory, strength, range of motion, and ability to sleep at night.  One patient with blurry vision in one eye had the blur completely go away after one treatment.  General morale goes up as patients who are feeling trapped in a broken body or brain begin perceiving progress and are able to rely less on others for activities of daily life.

If you or someone you love has suffered a stroke or head injury, please come try acupuncture to speed along the recovery process.  No one likes to feel incapacitated to any degree, so take advantage of the treatments that can really help.

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