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"I suffered from migraines and tightness for years. After coming here, I don't get them anymore. I feel a lot more relaxed and energized. Thanks Dr. Tevlin!"

 - Andy



“I would not have conceived my son without chiropractic care. After a year and half of trying with no success within six weeks of my first adjustment I was pregnant.

 - Marie and Logan




“I can exercise at SNAP for an hour without back pain, no sciatica, no headaches, no doctor, diabetic control thru diet and exercise. Dr. Lindsey has combined chiropractic with exercise and natural health suggestions. She is gentle, positive, and I always feel better! ”

 - Barbara

“I had constant headaches (used Ibuprofen daily), lack of neck movement, asthma (3 meds 2x daily). I have no more headaches, and am off all my asthma medications!”

 - Deborah

"I have a fused left ankle which causes hip pain. With weekly adjustments my hips stay even and I have less pain!"

- Joann

“I’ve felt a lot better since I’ve been going to see Dr. Tevlin.”

 - Peggy



"Getting adjusted by Dr. Tevlin has helped me eliminate the need for medication."

 - Tim Murphy




"It is relaxing and calming. I like the atmosphere and that it feels like Dr. Tevlin care about me as a patient and a person."

 - Deion




"Dr. Tevlin really cares about my health and me in general."

 - Cynthia Hale

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