Chiropractic for Kids

chiropractic care for kids

Kids Love Chiropractic

It is very important to have our children checked to make sure their spines are not developing abnormally. Many problems in adulthood stem from even minor injuries as a child. Make sure your children are getting started off right by getting them checked.

Kids love chiropractic! It is quick and easy. No needles, no medications. Just your child’s own inner potential to heal themselves!

Chiropractic helps:

  • boost their immune systems
  • fight ear infections
  • bed wetting
  • concentration
  • aches and pains due to falls and kids being kids
  • back and neck pains
  • headaches

Dr. Tevlin and Dr. Christine love treating kids of all ages! Dr. Tevlin spent one of her many internships at a clinic that specialized in maternity and pediatrics. Dr. Tevlin also has two of her own beautiful children that she adjusts on a regular basis. Call our St. Paul Chiropractic office to get your family scheduled!

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