Deck of Cards Workout in Woodbury MN

Deck of Cards Workout in Woodbury MN

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Workouts in Woodbury MN don't require a gym membership or fancy shoes. Here is a simple workout you can do at home with nothing other than a deck of cards.

Assign each suit an exercise in Woodbury MN.

The card value equals the number of repetitions.

  • J=11
  • Q=12
  • K=13
  • A=1

Shuffle the deck and pick your first card! Once you have completed that card move on to the next. Work your way through the entire deck.

For added difficulty:

  • Time yourself.
  • The next time you do the workout try to beat your previous time.
  • Instead of A=1 change it to A=15.
  • Put the jokers in the deck. Joker = 5 minute jog.

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