Chiropractor Woodbury MN Provides Healthy Eating at the Minnesota State Fair

Chiropractor Woodbury MN Provides Healthy Eating at the Minnesota State Fair

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Healthy Eating

By: Dr. Christine Bartholomew, D.C.

For most of us, the smell alone of the Minnesota State Fair is very mouth-watering.  Not to mention, walking by all of those mini doughnuts and funnel cake stands are way too tempting.  Not to worry, there are plenty of healthy options for you to choose from.

The following is just a list of places on the map with some of their healthy options in Woodbury MN that I, Chiropractor Christine Bartholomew of Aspire Integrated Health recommend.

Recommended places in Woodbury MN

  • Giggle's Campfire Grill:
  1. Location: Cooper St and Lee Ave
  2. Healthy options: Walleye stuffed mushrooms, Elk burger without a bun, Salmon on a stick, Northwood salad on a stick
  • Juanita's Fajitas:
  1. Location: In front of the Grand Stand by the carousel
  2. Healthy option: Chipotle chicken fajita without the tortilla
  • Bayou Bob's:
  1. Location: On the corner of Dan Patch Ave by the Grand Stand
  2. Healthy option: sauteed alligator with garlic olive oil, frozen grapes, cajun seasoned alligator sausage on a stick
  • Demitri's Greek Food:
    1. Location: On Nelson street by the big yellow slides
    2. Healthy option: Shish kabobs and greek salads. In the Food Building on the East side of Underwood St and Dan Patch Ave.
  • Minnekabob:
    1. Healthy options: Steak/Chicken or Bison kabobs
  • Ball Park Café: Garden salad and grilled chicken
  • Chicago Dogs: Bison dogs without the bun
  • China Town: Healthy option: Ostrich on a stick
  • Mickey's Grill:
    1. Location: South of Fan Central(behind the big yellow slides)
    2. Healthy options: Grilled kabobs without tortillas, whole dill pickles
  • The Produce Exchange:
    1. Location: corner of Carnes Ave and Underwood St
    2. Healthy options: fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Cafe Caribe:
    1. Location:  On the corner of Carnes Ave and Clough St
    2. Healthy options: Buffalo Shrimp skewers, grilled chicken, Caribbean crab cakes
  • Coasters:
    1. Location: Corner of Liggett St and Carnes Ave
    2. Healthy options: omelets and eggs, steak dinners, garden or chef salads, pork tenderloin
  • Carousel BBQ:
    1. Location:  In Adventure Park across the Grandstand on the West side
    2. Healthy options: Roasted turkey leg, grilled pork chop on a stick
  • Pork Chops and Chicken:
    1. Location: on the other side of Underwood St across from the Haunted House.
    2. Healthy options:  Pork chops and chicken on a stick
  • Chan's Chicken on a stick:
    1. Location: next to the Go Carts on Judson Ave by the Dairy Building.
    2. Healthy option: Teriyaki chicken on a stick
  • Lemonade and Shrimp Cocktails:
    1. Location: right outside the haunted house.
    2. Healthy options: shrimp or crab meat cocktails
  • Charcoal Hut:
    1. Location: International Bazaar
    2. Healthy options: chicken, charcoal broiled turkey legs, stuffed tomatoes
  • Holy Land:
    1. Location: International BazaarHealthy options:  lamb or beef kabobs, shrimp on a stick
  • West Indies Soul Food:  International Bazaar
    1. Healthy options:  Jamaican patties (beef/chicken/veggie), jerk chicken or jerk pork chops
  • St. Martin's Olives: International Bazaar
    1. Healthy options: olives on a stick, Virgin Bloody Mary
  • Corn Roast:
    1. Location: North of the Big Yellow slides on Nelson St
    2. Healthy option: corn on a stick without butter
  • Josef's Jerky:
    1. Location: West End Market, north of West Dan Patch Ave
    2. Healthy options: beef or turkey jerky and other assorted smoked meats

I know you are getting super excited for the State Fair this year, now that you know where and what some of the healthier options are!

Have a great time at the Fair!  Make sure you take some pictures of you eating your healthy fair food options; we would love to see them at Aspire Integrated Health in Woodbury.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Christine

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