Quick Core Workout With Planks in Woodbury MN!

Quick Core Workout With Planks in Woodbury MN!

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Workout For Core

No time for ab workouts in Woodbury MN? Try this quick exercise and see great results!

Exercises in Woodbury MN

The plank exercises are a great total body toner. They strengthen your entire core, oblique's, hips, back, legs and arms. GREAT for low back pain!

Exercise 1: Hold 60 Seconds 2x/day

Do not let your hips sag or arch your back. If you need, tent your butt up slightly.

You can do this from your knees to start and work up to the position below.

Exercise 2: Hold 45 Seconds 2x/day

Make sure your whole body is in a straight line. Do not twist.

Exercise 2 Modification: Place knees on the ground and work up to feet.

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