Chiropractor in Woodbury MN Provides 5 Reasons to Stretch Regularly

Chiropractor in Woodbury MN Provides 5 Reasons to Stretch Regularly

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Stretch Regularly

Now days, it's pretty common knowledge that maintaining a good diet and regular exercise contributes greatly to having good health and quality of life. Although exercise and staying active are important to your health, rest and recovery are equally as important.  One recovery method that is often skipped or overlooked is stretching. With the activities and tasks that you may have to tackle in a day, taking some time out to stretch may seem impossible (or undesirable), but the benefits from incorporating stretching into your routine are surely worth it. Aspire Integrated Healthin Woodbury MN provides five reasons why you should stretch regularly:

Relieves stress and tension in the body in Woodbury MN

Stretching helps to loosen tight muscles. By stretching tight muscles, it helps muscles relax and increases the blood flow throughout your body. Stretching also promotes the release of endorphins in your body, helping you feel more at ease.

Helps to maintain good posture

By stretching regularly in Woodbury, you keep your muscles loose and pliable. Tight muscles can pull areas of the body away from their intended positions. Stretching muscles particularly in the areas of the lower back, chest and shoulders can help with keeping  the spine in better alignment, improving overall posture.

Improves Flexibility

Regular stretching improves flexibly and range of motion. From these improvements, your body requires less energy to create the movements and you will have more flexibility in the joints, thus lessening the likelihood of injuries during workouts or during daily activities.

Faster Recovery

Aspire Integrated Health explains that regular stretching will help with great nutrient supply to the muscles, reducing soreness and speeding up recovery from muscle and and joint pain/injuries.

Improve energy levels

If you're feeling a bit dragged down and tired, try getting up and doing a few stretches! When we get tired, our muscles tend to tighten up and that makes us feel even more lethargic. Stretching can give you a boost of energy, helping your mind and body be more alert, helping you quickly and efficiently revitalize your energy levels.

If you deal with tight muscles and would like help to relieve the tension, visit us at Aspire Integrated Health in Woodbury MN! We would be happy to assist you in your health!

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