Indoor and Outdoor Activities for When it SNOWS in Woodbury MN!

Indoor and Outdoor Activities for when it SNOWS How to Use a Foam Roller for Headaches in Woodbury MN!

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Indoor And Outdoor Activities

Bundle up so you don't freeze and get outside and try some winter activities or get your cozy jammies on and stay inside! Getting outside in Woodbury MN with the fresh air during the winter months is great. Getting out of the stale air from the house as well as it is beneficial for your mood. Light exercise and vitamin D on your face will help fight off the common cold as well. Bring your camera along as it will make for beautiful pictures. Shoveling may not be fun but at least you'll get some exercise. This will help you burn off those calories from Christmas dinner! Or pick some of our indoor activities and stay in and be cozy!

OUTDOOR in Woodbury MN

    1. Go for a walk
    2. Go Snow Shoeing
    3. Go Snowmobiling
    4. Make a snow angel or snow man
    5. Shovel your driveway or deck:
    6. Shovel off a pond or go to a local skating rink....Make sure ice is frozen!
    7. Go sledding.
    8. Go skiing or snowboarding
    9. Build a snow fort or igloo
    10. Have a snowball fight!
    11. When you are done doing your favorite activity come inside a make a hot cup of your favorite winter beverage! Mine is hot cocoa with marshmallows!

INDOOR: Grab your Favorite winter beverage and.......

    1. Read the paper/or use your phone
    2. Clean the house
    3. Watch the snow fall
    4. Paint your nails!
    5. Play video games
    6. Do a puzzle
    7. Listen to music
    8. Play cards/board games
    9. Read a book
    10. Finish a project/organize a closet/touch up the walls with paint.
    11. Dig WAY back in your freezer and make something with whatever you find hiding back there!

The opportunities are endless!

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