How to Use a Foam Roller for Headaches in Woodbury MN

How to use a foam roller for headaches in Woodbury MN

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Foam Rollers For Headaches

Foam Rolling 101

What is a headache in Woodbury MN? A headache is pain that is positioned in any region of the head. It can be on both sides or it can be one-sided. The pain can also radiate from one position to another. Headache pain can vary from anywhere between dull pain to a throbbing sensation or you can also feel very sharp pain. Primary headaches can be caused from an array of different factors. There could be a chemical reaction in the brain, nerve or blood vessel disruption outside of the brain or they can stem from the muscles in the head or neck or a combination of these options.

Headaches in Woodbury MN

Some primary headaches can be caused from lifestyle factors such as the following:

  • Alcohol, particularly red wine
  • Certain foods, such as processed meats that contain nitrates
  • Changes in sleep or lack of sleep
  • Poor posture
  • Skipped meals
  • Stress

Secondary headaches is a symptom that can be caused by a disease that can activate pain-sensitive nerves in the head. Any number of conditions can vary in severity. Here is a list of some of the causes:

  • Arterial tears (carotid or vertebral dissections)
  • Blood clot (venous thrombosis) within the brain - separate from stroke
  • Brain aneurysm (a bulge in an artery in your brain)
  • Chiari malformation (structural problem at the base of your skull)
  • Concussion
  • Congenital heart disease in adults
  • Dental problems
  • Ear infection (middle ear)
  • Encephalitis (brain inflammation)
  • Glaucoma
  • Acute sinusitis
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Medications to treat other disorders
  • Meningitis (inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord)
  • Panic attacks and panic disorder
  • Post-concussion syndrom
  • Trigeminal neuralgia (disruption of the nerve connecting the face and brain)

There are trigger points and pressure points within the muscles that surround the face and the head that we can target with a foam roller to alleviate the pain for headaches. As you are using the foam roller, always pay attention to your core and use the safety rule first. After you make sure your body is positioned with proper bio-mechanics pick a side to work on first.

Here is one way to alleviate pain in the front of your head. If you are working on your sinuses in the front, lay on your stomach with the edge of the foam roller directly underneath your forehead. Make sure you breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will trigger the relaxation process in the body. Finding the trigger points roll from side to side or from temple to temple. When you roll over a more sensitive area we call that a "Hot spot". This "hot spot" is where there may be lactic acid build up or scar tissue. Stay on this spot from 30-90 seconds (keep on breathing) or until you feel the area relax, then you may roll side to side and add more pressure. Doing this move you may feel some relief in the sinuses and may decrease your headache pain.

Here at Aspire Integrated Health in St. Paul, MN we use the foam roller with our patients to help increase muscle function, decrease pain and increase muscle and joint flexibility. Dr. Christine Bartholomew, D.C. is having a foam roller workshop on Wednesday, March 30th at 6:30 P.M. If you would like to sign up and learn how to foam roll, please give us a call.

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