Post-Surgery Adjustments in Woodbury MN

Post-surgery adjusmtents in Woodbury MN

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Post Surgery Adjustments

Back surgery and chiropractic care in Woodbury MN. Have you had recent surgery on your spine? What are you doing in order to protect your spine post-op? When do you know when it's appropriate to go back to your chiropractor after surgery?

Adjustments in Woodbury MN

There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to post-surgery recovery times. The average recovery time is between 6-12 weeks; however, with a procedure that is more invasive and complicated recovery time can mean up to a few months. A very common question patients may have is when they should return for their next adjustment after their surgery.

It is in my opinion that the body is constantly changing and there is always genetics that come into play. We see a wide variety of people in the office. A 35 year old man could have the spine of a 70 year old due to bad genetics, and a 70 year old could have a healthy 20 year old spine after seeing a chiropractor for their whole life. A body in recovery needs a healthy spine to increase the body's natural ability to heal itself. If a patient of mine, for example, had a cervical spinal fusion surgery I would tell my patient to rest for a week and come back in the following week to see me. I would have that conversation with my patient, reminding them that they are not coming in to see me to get rid of pain, but they are coming to see me so they can continue to play the violin with her orchestra or so she can be more active with her children without having low back pain. People come in to see us for different reasons, but the main reason is prevention. Chiropractic adjustments help to prevent them from having surgery in their hip, or their wrists, or wherever it is they are suffering. If all preventative care fails and surgery is the last option for you, there is one thing to take into consideration and that is FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrom). According to the Laser Spine Institute, failed back surgery syndrome is when a patient experiences the same, more or new pain and symptoms after spine surgery than the person experienced before the procedure. There is about a 30-40% chance that this will occur post-surgery. That is why it is very important to explore all of your options when it comes to your overall health.

As a chiropractor you learn how to help the body feel better and function better. Chiropractic adjustments will help keep the body moving, keeping the joint spaces free of interference allowing the nerves to flow properly. It is very important to continue the adjustments post-surgery to get the body moving. Post-surgery of the cervical spine, we may skip the cervical spine all together depending on the surgery, or have a lighter adjustment in the area, but we would continue the adjustments in the rest of the spine to prevent disc herniation, arthritis building up, or to prevent spinal fusions elsewhere. According the Hospital for Special Surgery, it is important to maintain good nutrition before and after your surgery for the healing to be optimal and avoid smoking and using non-steroidal medicine because those can inhibit the healing process.

As a care provider, the chiropractor should request the documents from the orthopedic surgeon so they are fully aware of what has taken place and the outcome of the surgery, so they can provide proper continued care with the adjustments post-op. It is always appreciated that the patient communicates any concerns with the care, so your chiropractor can talk you through any changes with your care plan.

In summary, post-surgery adjustments are safe and effective provided your chiropractor is aware of the procedure and where in the body it was done. Be honest and keep the communication with your provider if you have any questions or concerns.

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Dr. Christine Bartholomew, D.C.

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