Tooth Care in Woodbury MN

Tooth Care in Woodbury MN

Chiropractic Woodbury MN Tooth Care

Toothpaste Color Codes in Woodbury MN. There has been a photo trickling around that contains three different toothpastes with different colors codes on them. It has been said that the different colors describe the content of what is in the toothpaste, but this is false. The different color codes on the back of your toothpaste have nothing to do with the content. The color codes are called Eye marks. Eye marks are rectangular prints that are read by an electric eye on a machine. The manufacturers use these codes for cutting purposes and packaging purposes. The different colors provide the machines with different commands for package matching. The toothpaste color codes help the machines to know how the tube should be arranged, folded and cut to ensure that the name and logo of the toothpaste is in its proper position. Once the packages have been approved they are then sent out to the stores for purchase.

So how do you know what is in your toothpaste in Woodbury MN?

On the back side of your toothpaste there is a paragraph of directions and a paragraph of ingredients. Use the ingredients label to find out what the contents are and then choose wisely! There are toothpastes out there that contain natural products, medicines and straight up chemical products. There is a substance called fluoride that is used in toothpaste to prevent cavities. Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound. Hydrogen fluoride and fluorine are naturally occurring gasses that are irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory systems.

What is the best product to buy? According to the CDC, small amounts of fluoride can help prevent cavities, but on the other hand too much fluoride can cause many health problems such as decayed teeth, decreased bone density and can have damaging effects on the heart and more. So choose wisely. There are fluoride particles found in our water already, so choosing toothpaste and mouth wash without fluoride, in my opinion, can be much more beneficial for you and will help regulate fluoride levels in your body.

Visit your local vitamin shop for a healthier and natural tooth care product.

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